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As of March 2023

The VisionTrack Dashboard provides an overview of the buyside investment landscape for all crypto-dedicated firms.

It is designed to provide aggregated, at-a-glance insights that serve as necessary and transparent summary statistics for the digital asset industry, sophisticated investors, allocators, and fund managers.

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Taxonomy & Methodology

Crypto Dedicated Firm Count

Firm Type Count Percentage
Hedge Funds
709 40.10%
845 47.79%
214 12.10%
Total Firms
1768 100%

Total Crypto Dedicated Assets Under Management (AUM)

Firm Type AUM (Billions, USD) Percentage
All Hedge Funds
$10.65 9.54%
HF Fundamental
$7.75 6.94%
HF Quant Directional
$0.90 0.81%
HF Market Neutral
$1.99 1.79%
$33.23 29.75%
Venture *
$67.80 60.71%
Summed Total Fund Value
$111.68 100.00%

* Venture includes total amount raised from 2017-2022; no actively open fundraising funds included

Crypto Venture

Fundraising Data

As of March 2023

Total Amount Raised In Blockchain/Crypto Venture Capital

VisionTrack - powered by Galaxy

Annual Average & Median Blockchain/Crypto Fund Size

VisionTrack - powered by Galaxy
Digital Assets Strategy Framework

Crypto Investment Strategy Segmentation

VisionTrack’s leading strategy segmentation helps investors and allocators to differentiate and understand various types of investment strategies as they emerge and iterate.

VisionTrack has been a market leader for over 5 years in providing leading segmentation, benchmarks, indices, and fund data to digital asset market participants and institutional investors since 2018.

Reports and Insights


May 2023 Crypto Hedge Fund Performance Update


Q123 Institutional Crypto Hedge Fund & Venture Report

Challenging headlines, an uncertain macro environment, and a relatively hawkish Federal Reserve has driven the broader crypto and digital assets market into a slump despite positive underlying developments.


April 2023 Crypto Hedge Fund Performance Update

In April, crypto & digital asset funds posted modest gains maintaining their strong performance to start the year.


2023 Institutional Crypto Hedge Fund & Venture Report

A lot has changed over the last 12 months, but the industry continues to grow. We’ve tracked, evaluated, and summarized fund activity since 2018 to bring you key institutional takeaways through the course of a vibrant 2021 and an arresting 2022.


March 2023 Crypto Hedge Fund Performance Update

In March, the crypto asset class saw more gains.


February 2023 Crypto Hedge Fund Performance Update

In February, crypto markets were relatively flat.


January 2023 Crypto Hedge Fund Performance Update

In January, crypto markets experienced a relief rally.